The new portal helps you keep current on OpenStack events near you, wherever you are.



It’s easy to stay in touch with OpenStack birds-of-a-feather wherever you are, from India to Italy, with the new OpenStack User Groups portal.

Even with events all over the globe, it’s super simple to stay current — join a group, and you’ll be notified of new events when they’re created.

The site features a list of known OpenStack user groups, a nifty dynamic map of those groups and aggregates all upcoming events. If you’re interested in launching a group or event of your own, it’s also where you can read tips on organizing an event and find info on the community code of conduct. Anyone with an account on can join, using the brand new OpenStack Identity provider with OpenID and OAUTH2.0.

The portal pulls together information from different platforms. User groups can still use other sites wherever they feel most comfortable (, Facebook or other places) and the information they create is visible on They can also decide to host all their content on the Groups portal itself.

Built on Drupal Commons, with a lot of heavy lifting by the indefatigable Marton Kiss, the portal is fully open sourced, managed by the OpenStack Infra team. Contributions are welcome. The group portal is available in multiple languages already, although its entire contents haven’t been translated yet.

Future plans for the portal are kept on Storyboard.

Let us know what you think!

Cover Photo by Mirando // CC BY NC