Heidi Joy Tretheway and Shamail Tahir talked to OpenStack Ops Mid-Cycle attendees about project updates, top bugs and new community initiatives.


More than 100 people from three different continents gathered at the first European OpenStack ops mid-cycle in Manchester last month and SuperuserTV was on-site.

Hosts Heidi Joy Tretheway, senior marketing manager at the OpenStack Foundation and Shamail Tahir, an offering manager for OpenStack initiatives at IBM, interviewed attendees, including a local perspective from event organizer, Matt Jarvis, on the OpenStack landscape in Europe.

"Unique opportunities for OpenStack emerging in Europe related to data sovereignty concerns making the European landscape a unique place in terms of opportunities for localized cloud provision," said Jarvis. "And we are starting to see the results of that now, particularly with federated cloud provisioning from localized European-based providers."

In this 25-minute segment, you’ll hear about the first meeting of the scientific working group, which was discussed by Stig Telfer, and hot topics specific to the OpenStack project, including Keystone Federation, updates from the Nova project team lead John Garbutt and answers to any questions you may have about OS Ops from Edgar Magana, member of the OpenStack user committee, and Rocky Grober.