Superuser investigates rumors on the cloudy technopop duo.


Don’t call it a comeback.
Once known for their crowd-pleasing ditty “Cloud Anthem,” Dope’n’Stack seemed to have vaporized from the cloud-themed technopop scene that they practically invented. Superuser has learned rumors that they may be rematerializing sooner than expected.

Back in 2012, Bertram Stack and Terrance Dope rocked the stage at OpenStack Summit San Diego:

In April 2013, they floored audiences at the Portland Summit with their second hit, "E.N.T.E.R.P.R.I.S.E.":

Dope’n’Stack seemed to be lost in cold storage. Their trademark “crispy suits” and power ties had vanished into thin air. But could the glacier be starting to melt?

Superuser reopened this cold case to find out what happened to the duo. True to their (en)cryptic form, they sent us the following message:

Superuser will be continuing this investigation throughout the Austin Summit. Stay tuned for our next report!