The tutorial that guides new developers to deploy their first application on OpenStack is complete for Apache Libcloud and needs help for new languages and SDKs.


In just four days, a small team crafted a tutorial for helping developers write a scalable cloud application using an OpenStack SDK.

Here’s where you come in. That tutorial for Writing your First Application on OpenStack supports various libraries and SDKs.

It’s structured to guide readers from learning the basics of infrastructure as a service to a more complex architecture. The tutorial starts with simple tasks like creating a new virtual machine with a public IP address and deploying a sample application in it and evolves to a richer, multi-tier architecture. It’s intended to be multi-platform and multi-language: the same basic steps described in various SDKs in Python, Ruby, Java, Javascript, .NET and more.

The tutorial based on Apache Libcloud (Python) is working and complete. "(We are) actually getting some questions from people using it on Ask OpenStack! Other languages and SDKs have been started," notes Tom Fifield, OpenStack community manager.

As Fifield recently reported on the user committee mailing list, here’s where there’s work to be done:

"We would love a better nodeJS coder to take over," Fifield said. "We also ran into problems with the SDK."

Work on section 1 has been started:

So far, these have not been started: goose, gophercloud, aviator

All of this is more or less tracked with these bugs:

If you’re a developer on any of these languages, please join the User Committee mailing list and help finish this thing. Developers everywhere will thank you.

Cover Photo // CC BY NC